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Most people are ignorant about financial planning and carry fixed and pre-conceived views on financial products. As there are choices to be made, there are dilemmas too. Generally people are investing their money haphazardly, without any planning and without taking the help from qualified professionals. But this is like treating health problems without the help of a qualified doctor and it is always dangerous to do so.

This is where we step in... We Are the Map To Your Financial Journey

We ensure you a Smooth Journey

After all future is not some place we are going to….. But the one, we are creating

Gada & Haria Pvt. Ltd. is the flagship company of "Gada & Haria” Group (in existence for more than Three Decades), founded by a group of dynamic and dedicated Chartered Accountants.

We have a unique combination of being Chartered Accountants and Certified Financial Planners (CFPCM).

Mission :

To become the preferred and trusted life-long partner of our clients, assisting them to reach their most important dreams and life-goals by providing outstanding Financial Planning & Tax Planning Services

Core Values :

Honesty, Integrity & Trust :

These are the three cornerstones of our organization. Our advice to you is always sincere, honest, genuine and in your best interest.


We make full and adequate disclosure of all necessary facts to enable you to make an informed decision.


We hold in the strictest confidence all privileged business and personal information pertaining to your affairs.


The ability to give you the best advice by maintaining the highest level of professional competence.


Showing concern for your non-financial needs and develop relationship With you as a friend and family member that leads to your success.

Supported by a courteous and well trained staff, you are bound to get quick, efficient and personalized service.


Team “Gada & Haria” is led by visionary individuals who share between them an impressive track record, vast experience & expertise.



We are truly a one stop-shop for all your Investment & Insurance and other allied services :

Financial Products Distribution :

Mutual Funds Distributor

We study mutual fund Schemes based on investment process of AMC, consistency of return of all schemes of AMC, risk management policy of AMC, Fund manager profile,past returns of scheme etc. Out of the curated list of best selected scheme, we recommend funds which fits into your risk profile and your financial objectives.

Company FD, NCD, RBI Bond, Capital Gain Bond, Perpetual Bond

We recommend these investment schemes as per your tax bracket, risk profile, for short term financial goal and as a part of your debt asset allocation.

P2P Lending

This investment vehicle is used to create Emergency Fund. Also, we recommend this as per your tax bracket, risk profile, for short term financial goal and as part of your debt asset allocation.

Sovereign Gold Bond

Investor can accumulate Gold as part of their overall asset allocation as well as to accumulate Gold for the Children wedding.
We do not advice on tactical investment on Gold.

Allied Services :

Complete Taxation Planning

We plan to minimise tax liability strictly within legal framework. Tax saved increases your saving capacity, which in turn increases your wealth and hence proper tax planning is required.

Life Insurance Consultancy

Life Insurance is an expression of the fact that you love your family not only till you survive but TILL they do. We believe Life Insurance is foundation of Financial Planning. Adequate life insurance is required to protect your family against unforeseen happening.

Health Insurance Consultancy

With recent covid pandemic and surge in work stress and lifestyle diseases, to have an adequate health insurance is important. Hospitalisation and medication expenses can be unaffordable. We give you consultancy to select adequate health insurance cover and suitable plan as per your family composition.

Will Drafting and Estate Planning and Succession Planning

As held by Supreme court, nomination does not create any legal right in favour of the nominee and he or she is merely a trustee of the legal heirs of the deceased. To eliminate legal issues and family disputes, it is advisable to prepare your “Will” and do proper Estate Planning. Based on your family circumstances and your Wish for estate transfer, we advise you on Will preparation.


Financial Literacy Seminars :

To increase financial literacy and awareness, we conduct educative seminars on various subjects including:
  • What my family should know and How to be an organised Family
  • Financial Planning for Happy Life
  • In the wonderland of Life Insurance
  • Planning for World Class education expenses for your child : Our Best Investment
  • Retirement: Re-begin Life

Corporate Seminars :

We conduct corporate seminars for employees , which can add value to their life by empowering them to create wealth and achieve their financial goals.

At Gada & Haria, we feel that corporate arranging such seminars for their employees will go a long way in establishing strong relationships with their employees.


All your Financial Dreams can come True through designing investment strategy as per your Goal

Achieving your Financial Goal - Our Approach (MIMP)
We believe that to create a road map of to reach the destination of your financial goal is listening closely and understanding what you have to say

Based on our conversations with you,
we try to find answers to the following three questions :

Where are you ?

We scientifically evaluate your income profile, expenditure pattern, existing asset base, your family/business/employment situation, existing contractual commitments, existing investment & insurance etc.

Where do you want to go ?

What are your short/medium/long term financial objectives/goals: Do you want to buy a dream house? Do you want to send your child to Harvard University for higher education? Do you want your loving Daughter's marriage to be the best in the world? Do you want a happy, wealthy and independent retirement life? We will prompt you to articulate your goals, help you to distinguish between your needs and wants and also help you to set priority of your goals.

How do you get there?

Once we have a clear picture of first two questions, we draw the roadmap for meeting your short, medium and long-term financial goals along with protection against all type of contingencies & uncertainties that this life is full of and your plans and dreams become our shared responsibility.



Diversified Asset Allocation Plan suited to your Needs & objectives : Exposure to a variety of asset classes reduces portfolio volatility.


We monitor the progress of your journey towards reaching your goals, periodically rebalancing your asset allocation and making new recommendations according to changes in relevant circumstances.


We help you to overcome the behavioural biases by designing a steady, regular, long term, disciplined approach to reach your destination.


We customize your portfolio based on your Personal Investment Policy Statement, your risk tolerance level and your specific needs and objectives.


We serve more than 750 satisfied clients with the Asset Under Management of over 400 CR.

Business Owners

Corporate Salaried


We update you on various changes in taxation and allied laws. It is our constant endeavour to continuously interact with you and make your association with us a pleasant, memorable and a fruitful one by regularly organizing & informing you on educative and other valuable seminars/events for you, your family and your child on financial and non - financial areas as well.

Contact :

Gada & Haria Pvt. Ltd.,
5, Framroz Court, 2nd Floor, Dada Saheb Phalke Road, Dadar (C.R.), Mumbai - 400 014.

E-MAIL : fp@gadaharia.com

PHONE : + 91 4079 4141

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